The food manufacturing industry processes raw material into food products for intermediate or final consumption. The food products manufactured in these facilities are typically sold to wholesalers or retailers for distribution to consumers.  Bakery and candy products are included in this sector.


Significant changes have been incorporated in the food and beverage industry as many states attempt to implement food safety legislation and the federal government continues to focus in food safety regulation. In addition, focus is also being directed to food labeling, environmental and immigration compliance, inspections, enforcement and imposition of criminal sanctions against food company executives involved in food safety violations.

SWEET NEW ENGLAND understands that the demands are high from government regulators, industry compliance, third parties audits, and internal quality procedures; therefore we are committed to programs that ensure the food safety and quality of the food supply chain.  SWEET NEW ENGLAND knows that proper food safety management can become a competitive advantage and enhance our relationship with our customers.

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